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Look At Samorost 3 And Feel A Little Happier

Lovely adventuring

I'll be danged if this new Samorost 3 [official site] trailer isn't the most charming thing I've seen all week, and I see myself in the mirror every day (still single, ladies). We've been waiting so very long for the adventure game, and now we have this trailer to see and hear and news that it'll launch in autumn or winter to know.

One might petulantly stomp their feet and pout that we've been longing for its loveliness for almost a decade now, but creators Amanita Design released Machinarium and Botanicula in that time so shhh settle down and enjoy the gentle exposition I wedged in with this paragraph.

Samorost, I suppose I should explain as it's been so long and they'll be new to some of y'all, is a series of delightful adventure games starring a little man who travels to tiny planets, solving puzzles meeting strange characters and wildlife. They look like gorgeous little dioramas made with crafting materials and household junk, and have an otherworldly soundtrack by Floex. They fill me with such delight and wonder.

I am keen to play another, especially as Amanita call 3 "our biggest and most ambitious game up to date." If you haven't played any, though, Samorost is free to play in your browser and so is Samorost 2's demo. Please do.

You're welcome to snort at that headline and mutter something about how I don't get to tell you what to feel or do but man, chill out: watch this trailer and please report back.

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Samorost 3

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