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Amanita's Samorost 3 Is Impossibly Far Away :(

Stick that in yer pipe

2015! That's an insane release date for a videogame! There won't even be PCs by then. We'll all have Google Glass injected into our eyeballs and iPhones surgically implanted up our bums and Microsoft Surfaces built into our toilet seats. That's definitely the future. Everyone will want closed, locked, tyrannical software ecosytems by then. Why, PC gaming has died 42 times this year alone, so God only knows how bad it'll be in 18 months' time.

Hopefully Machinarium and Botanicula developer Amanita Design will be able to port their long-awaited second sequel to lovely, gently psychedelic pointer-clicker Samorost to Smartwatches and curved televisions BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. Meantime, I'm going to watch Samorost 3's first-ever trailer just before I take my PC to the dump.

Thaaaaaaaaaaat's an Anamita game if ever there was one. You can tell by the plinky-plonk noises and general air of extreme bonhomie. Now just imagine that beamed directly into your brain at 16K resolution and 4.5D, with your haptic underwear throbbing along violently, and you should have some sense of what it'll look like in the distant world of 2015.

PC, Mac, iOS and Android releases are promised, heat-death of the universe notwithstanding. We last heard from Samorost 3 last year, so this one is very much years in the making.

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