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Wot Does Wot: Grand Theft Auto V Graphics Settings Guide

Comparisons and benchmarks

Extended Distance Scaling, Particles Quality, Tessellation, Grass Quality... if you're trying to squeeze a few extra frames per second out of Grand Theft Auto V [official site], you might be a mite confused by some of the settings in its options. How much of a visual change do they make, how much do they affect performance, and what do some even mean?

Handily, Nvidia have put together a fancy guide explaining what they all do, showing off the visual difference they make through comparison screenshots, and investigating the performance costs.

The comparison screenshots are jolly nice, overlaying two and boshing a slider in the middle so you can swipe between them. Higher is always prettier, of course, but the difference with some settings can look negligible while still saving you a fair few frames. Oh aye, the guide's gung-ho for Nvidia products and tech, but I trust you can read past that.

You can find this all out yourself through painstaking trial and error, of course, but this is far easier. Looking at these charts, I may be convinced to turn Grass Quality down a touch to hit a constant 60fps, even though most my brief forays into Los Santos have been to find a good swimming pond.

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