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The Witcher 3 Can Take Over 200 Hours

Big numbers!

People always ask me the same thing every day. "Gera, when will we get a game that is so long it's in the realm of possibility I will die before finishing it?" they sigh. "When will the day come where I can finally stop using clocks and interpret the passage of time entirely through the medium of game hours?" For fans of time, this is a reasonable but oft-ignored request.

The good news is the kindly folk of CD Projekt Red have presumably stopped sleeping in order to provide their The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt [official site] with over 200 hours of content.

This comes according to senior game designer Damien Monnier, who said on Twitter that this length encompasses "everything" - from side-quests to, I guess, the romantic act of marital Ploughing.

Comparatively, The Witcher 2 clocked in around 50 hours if you include milling around pubs and looking at birds. It's a heck of a growth spurt. The studio's already said the new game will feature a main storyline that's around 50 hours long. While not a mathematician, as someone who's watched Countdown I can confidently say "everything else" in The Witcher 3 will take around 150 hours to finish based on maths. To put it another way it's about 1,000 hours long in dog years.

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