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Ghost In The Shell Online Uncloaking This Year

Do I think Ghost in the Shell Online [official site] will be good? No, not really. Am I able to resist posting about rad cyborg ladies able to tear tanks apart with their cyberhands? No, not really.

Look, here, it's word that South Korean free-to-play developers Nexon are indeed planning a western release for their class-based FPS based on the anime series based on the manga. It definitely has chunky shotguns, cyberarms with pop-out rocket launchers, and thermoptic camouflage, which I shall look at and nod approvingly.

Ghost in the Shell Online will debut in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America this year, Nexon have said, before spreading elsewhere. Beta signups are due to start before the end of June, but the proper launch is a bit more of a mystery. And that's about it, really. They didn't have much more to say. We're still mostly going off translated details about what it is.

Which is class-based, team-based shooty shoots with futureguns and cybernetics and drones and turrets and probably some kind of monetisation model that'll make me pull unpleasant faces. Nexon's F2P FPSs are often unpleasant with that. But I will probably put up with a bit so I can run around as a rad cyborg muttering "Cool, cool" at cool cyberthings. Nowt wrong with getting a few hours of fun out a F2P game.

Here's a recent dev video showing concept art, folks working on 3D models, and folks shooting guns in a desert. You may get more out of it if you speak Korean, otherwise, hey, moving pictures:

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