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To The Max: Mad Max Gameplay Trailer

Cars, explosions, and fisticuffs

A Mad Max game from the folks behind Just Cause sounds oh so very exciting. What sort of open-world antics might one get up to in the post-apocalyptic Australian outback? So far we've mostly gone on scraps and screenshots from the game named simply Mad Max [official site], but now a new 'gameplay overview' trailer shows the sorts of shenanigans the reluctant hero will engage in.

Expect explosions, scavenging, fisticuffs, and fast cars, in short. Have a look:

I know, shhhhhh, I know, just ignore the PlayStation branding.

Cover image for YouTube video

On-foot combat looks a lot like the Batman: Arkham-style stuff everyone's doing nowadays, with big groups of people to counter, corral, and generally duff up using whatever's at hand. Likewise, Max can improve his armour and weapons. He's not above guns, but ammo is scarce.

Creating and customising his car, called the Magnum Opus (this threw me at first too), is also a big part. It looks like it'll offer a fair degree of freedom to make the turbocharged rustbucket of your road warrior dreams, with different chassis and add-ons to balance. ALSO! You do get a grappling hook, even if it is only to tow scrap. I'll settle for that.

As for what you do? Heck, you know: drive around, murder men, salvage junk, help people out to upgrade their strongholds, and beat the bad guy: hero stuff.

Mad Max is due September 1st in North America, but won't reach our green and pleasant land until the 4th. Boo to that.

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