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Racing games are going cheap on the Humble Store


If you frequently find yourself hankering for high-speed races, or for being strapped into a metal death trap hurtling towards oblivion, then the Humble Store’s racing sale might have something to sate you. It’s going on all week.

21 games are on sale for up to 80 percent off, including Project Cars (£7.95/$10.19), Mad Max (£6.39/$7.99) and Thumper (£9.59/$11.99). These are all good games, certainly, but Spintires (£3.99) is more my speed.

Mud! It’s great. And Spintires is full of it. It’s not really a racing game, but rather an off-road driving sim where you must defeat the greatest enemy of all vehicles. It’s all about big trucks getting stuck, tires furiously but impotently spinning away, kicking up lovely mud everywhere. I find it incredibly soothing.

Not convinced? Here’s a snippet from Adam’s Spintires review:

It’s a game capable of sublime nonsense, as vehicles attempt to entomb themselves on lonely hillsides, but Spintires is also a fine simulator. There are a great many games with that word, ‘simulator’, in some way attempting to justify their drab activities and the mundane implementation of those activities. Spintires will have you spending an evening trying to edge a busted up old vehicle out of a watery ditch, but it does so with a fair amount of style and a truckload of savvy. The camera is a bit shite though.

There are lots of other good games in the sale, so check it out.

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