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Packing, Refuelling, And Shopping In Another Hac Gifbomb

Many animated gifs

Whenever I see Hac [dev blog], I want to fiddle. The solo developer of MinskWorks is filling his first-person road trip game with so many delightful little interactions, so many little objects you can pick up, fill up, use, buy, or pack away in case you might need them later.

Last time I dropped a Hac gifbomb on you, we cooed over things like packing your car's boot or giving it a good scrub with a mop and bucket after driving through muddy puddles. This time, ooh come look at its shopping (warning: many megabytes of animated gifs).

Everything you pick up is carried in your hands:

Though seeing your guy try to carry a tyre and a few bottles makes me wish for shopping baskets using Hac's lovely storage-packing logic:

Sure, this is probably how checkouts work:

Money's a physical thing you carry too, rather than an abstract inventory number. Creator Greg Pryjmachuk is trying to have as few non-diegetic interface bits as he can get away with.

Pryjmachuk explained in another blog post that yes, you can also steal if you can figure out a way past a closing gate. "The result of doing so won’t likely be gameplay related, but rather narrative based," he says.

To quickly explain again, Hac's a game about taking a driving pilgrimage with your uncle, crossing '90s Europe on procedurally-generated roads and getting into interesting situations, if you fancy poking around.

And look, here's some more car inventory management:

And ooh, road signs which let Hac leave out objective markers:

And aah, refuelling your car:

It's all just so delightful. With the game still early in development, yes, I will probably continue to do this for some time, even if you do all follow its dev blog.

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