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Stuff Wot I Have Played Yesterday

Aquatic exploration and pregnant Barbie

I play a load of small games every day but only post a few of them. Some don't seem quite up to scratch, some have issues that make me wary of posting them, and some make me worry I already try readers' patience too much. But still, maybe I can tell you about them all together.

Yesterday had enough newsy news to keep me busy, despite all the April Fools' Day guff, so I only played a few things. But if you want quiet aquatic exploration or a pregnant Barbie peppered with wooden nails, hey, look only a little further.

Heavens Below [Itch] by Alice Elwin

I dug the idea and vibe of exploring ruins in a fish-shaped submarine. It has a satisfying weight and inertia to movement, and pleasant post-rock twangling, but you can only crash twice before 'sploding. After finding a text log I had a bad feeling that's all I was searching for, and gave up.

Looks Back [Itch] by odedz11

I woke up on the floor of a dingy pub toilet, arm reaching towards the porcelain, and thought "Yes, this is the story of my life." I looked down at my nude, nubile body and thought "Yes, they've captured me perfectly." I crawled around, trying to figure out how to stand, and wept at my own life.

Then a giant spider chirping away on the wall leapt on my face. And it did it again. And again. All right, that's enough. Whatever's beyond that, I wasn't interested enough to find out.

Pregnant Barbie Emergency [site] by Sisi Games

Of all the mailing lists we're on, the children's browser game sites are perhaps my favourites because they occasionally bring weird games where famous characters (fictional and celebrity) have horrible accidents.

Barbie is pregnant and injured and you need to wash the blood from her face and pull "wooden nails" from her body. The combination of famous folk and gruesome injuries in children's games is so weird and fascinating to me.

Hello Kitty Bicycle Accident [site] by 143kidsgames

Playing Barbie reminded me of this old chestnut.

Look, I don't know what you want from me.

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