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Totes A Moon - Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer And Details

The forest moon of Endor

I'm not one for Star Wars myself, but the trailer announcing a release date for Star Wars: Battlefront [official site] - November 17th, forcefans - still made me coo and aah at its many exciting explosions. Spacemen and their weird vehicles buzzing around exotic locales look great, yeah. It's got all your favourites: the robocow, crossjets, hoverbikes, the notorious Crumpet Eagle, Johnny Rockets, and even that mean black Cylon with his lasersword. I am far more interested in the unreal possibilities of sci-fi face-shooting than humdrum real-world jazz.

Seriously though, come see how gorgeous a virtual Endor the Battlefield folks DICE have made:

They call this "game engine footage". It's obviously all staged, so it's not gameplay, and I expect the finished game will be less pretty. Still! I recently visited some of the redwood forests used as filimg locations for Endor (Wookipedia says the name is used for both the gas giant and its forest moon, pedants) and pine for those trees. I am delighted by how big and colourful and exciting they look here. What great trees!

I suppose you, being less enthusiastic about trees, may want details about the game. Fine, fine.

You've probably already guessed that DICE are doing their Battlefield-y sort of thing. It'll offer 40-player battles with Star Wars locations, characters, weapons, and vehicles. On top of that, it'll have single-player "crafted missions" and co-op. They've certainly got a lot of exciting cinematic set pieces they could draw upon for those.

This being an Electronic Arts game, they have an icky pre-order thing going on. Folks who slap down cash early will get access to the Battle of Jakku one week earlier than everyone else. This, I'm told, "precedes the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens". It's a small thing but bluh.

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