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Epic Look At Fortnite's Buildings, Bullets, And Btraps

Do the mash

The Unreal dudes at Epic started showing off a lot more of their build-o-craft-me-shoot-a-zombie 'em up Fortnite [official site] while my head was turned. They've got members of the gang on livestreams to chat about specific features then show 'em off, so far covering building, weapons, and traps. That's most of the core of a sandbox game about building bases and killing monsters.

But is it different enough from the squillion other crafty monster mashes to catch your eye? I don't know: it's your eye. How do I know what your eyes see? It's not like I plopped one of your eyes out and swapped in one of mine. Haha how would I do that? I don't even know what a spoon is.

Look, here's an introduction to Fortnite which also looks at its Constructor class trying to capture and defend a monsterportal:

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Or over here, Epic are going on about building, with that Constructor again (you can also watch the 17-minute gameplay segment of that by itself):

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But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is a video about weapons and traps. They do stress that folks here have some pretty swanky weapons you won't have when you start, like that grenade launcher which automatically hoovers up crafting materials it 'splodes. Bits of this video, especially, remind me of Orcs Must Die with its trappy-trapping and shooty-shooting.

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The latest stage of Fortnite's alpha testing wraps up today, but you can sign up for future frolicking if you fancy. Fortnite will be free-to-play when it launches, but Epic swear blind "We want folks to be able to play the entire game and have a fun, complete experience without having to drop any cash, and we are designing the game with that in mind."

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