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Oh No, There Goes Tokyo: Kaiju A Gogo Released


A few years back, during my short stint working with physical games for public events, I had dreams to build a Godzilla-esque model city for people to walk around, admire, hang out in, and - if they wanted to - stomp to the ground. Controlling a giant kaiju to crush cities and armies and bring the world to heel sorta appeals to me, then.

That's Kaiju A Gogo [official site], a romp-a-stomper of a strategy game about giant monsters. Sword of the Stars and SotS: The Pit folks Kerberos Productions released it last week.

It's a simple pitch: you play a kooky scientist who wants to conquer the world and decides that yeah, a giant monster is the best way to go about that. Stomping cities and crushing armies will make regions bow to you, though your rivals will start developing their own kaiju if you take your sweet time. You nab loot to help build up your secret base, and your monster powers up over time too, unlocking new megapowers.

Reader interaction section: pretend pal o' mine, what is your favourite kaiju power? What would you most like to do? Me, I'm a sucker for Gamera's horizontal bar routine - he nails that landing.

Kaiju A Gogo is out now on Steam for £8.99/11,69€ thanks to a 10% launch discount.

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It's a shame that Namco Bandai don't seem to plan a PC release for their upcoming Godzilla 'em up, as I really fancy flashy monsterfights. Oh, and if you fancy seeing an earlier, less interesting crack at a Godzilla game, TieTuesday's self-revamped Super Godzilla: Special Edition Let's Play is a lark.

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