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Agent $4.99: Mobile Spin-Off Hitman GO Now On PC, Kinda

Agent £3.89 didn't sound as good

We have Opinions about Absolution, the most recent Hitman game, 'round these parts. Opinions which not everybody shares, but everybody should because famously we're always 100% Objectively Correct in all things. Despite some grasping at greatness, it seemed a disservice to Hitman as we knew it. Meanwhile, in Mobileland, whispers spread that there was, in fact, a pretty great latter-day Hitman. Its name was Hitman GO, it looked lovely, and it was a sort of stealth-themed sliding block puzzle which looked like a miniatures wargame. Though mechanically very different to any Hitman game, as I understand it Go nonethless conjures up a lot of their spirit - perhaps more so than 2012's Absolution was. It was also acclaimed as something of an original. Sadly, it was banished to portables. Until now: suddenly, it's on PC. There is, alas, a catch.

That catch is that Hitman GO is currently solely available via the Windows 8 store (or Windows 10, if you're running the Technical Preview). Aside from the not-insignificant matter of locking out Windows 7, that's not inherently a bad thing, but the Win 8 Store is usually a wasteland and its interface is cumbersome and slow.

If you want to take a punt, it's $4.99/£3.89. It's also available on Windows Phone but haha whatever losers.

As well as Go being a welcome arrival on PC (sort of etc), it's interesting to wonder whether this is some sort of precedent for mobile games seeing simultaneous PC versions on the Windows Store. This is, of course, presuming that Windows Phone mobile versions don't arrive quite so late the day as this one did - GO was released on iPhone just over a year ago, y'see.

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