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Hitman Go: Definitive Edition Sneaks Out Next Week

Puzzling murders!

Hitman Go [official site] is a pretty little take on the murder simulator, reimagining it as a turn-based puzzle game of sorts for pocket telephones. It looks like lovely murderdioramas. It's been on PC for a fair while, for newer versions of Windows through the Windows Store, but I forget about that because I forget about the Windows Store. Not sure I've ever used it. (Lara Croft Go is there too, you know.) But now it's getting a more formal PC release through a 'Definitive Edition' next week.

The Definitive Edition is coming via Steam. It's ye olde Hitman Go from pockphones with everything thrown in for a single price, wrapped up with "updated visuals", developers Square Enix Montreal explain in a blog post. It does look jolly pretty, see:

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Hitman Go's a simplification of the Hitman formula, putting people on tracks with fixed movements. It's the usual Hitman dealio of observing patterns and timings then picking your movement to strike, but boiled down to a puzzling level. I've heard it's quite nice.

February 23rd is when to expect it. Be suspicious of any games which wander past on that day with e.g. a sticky plaster on the back of their head, or in a giant bird costume.

I would really like to see a physical, mechanical recreation of a level. I bet it'd make great grinding, ticking noises. Satisfying little flicky levers to move people around, I'm sure.

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