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Hitman GO: Definitive Edition Sneaks Onto PC

Pretty minimalist murder-puzzling

As promised, the 'Definitive Edition' of Hitman Go [official site] is upon us. Not in a 'sneak up, choke us out, strip us to our pants, and toss us into the bin while it goes and hangs out with our pals' sort of upon us, just... out. It's out. Square Enix have released the video game. Nothing weird. Hitman Go: Def Ed is a fancied-up port of the mobile game which sees Ian Hitman taking down targets through turn-based sneak-o-killing in pretty little dioramas. They really are quite pretty. The murder's not bad either.

Hitman Go's murderdioramas offer a stripped-down version of Hitman: figure out how and when to murder your target. Little figures move around on lines and slots following their own behaviours, which you'll need to observe and figure out for an efficient kill. It takes all that real-time sloppyness out of it: here are their movements, here are yours, now do murders.

The Definitive Edition includes every level made for the original, with no in-app purchases or nothing. It's also prettied-up, has more appropriate controls, and the usual blast of achievements and Steam Trading Cards and other things I know some people get unexpectedly passionate about. The mobile version was playable on Windows through the Windows Store, but this is a more-proper PC release.

A 20% launch discount makes Hitman Go: Def Ed £5.19 on Steam until March 1st.

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