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Bramblelash Wants To Be A Thorn In Your Side

Nature's barbed wire

Another meander around ModDB reminded me that I was rather taken with the idea behind Bramblelash [official site]. It's being billed as a multiplayer party game where you and a friend hold either end of a length of bramble and use it to clobber your foes.

From the gifs and description it's basically a game about navigating obstacles and clotheslining things with nature's barbed wire: the bramble stem.

At the moment developers Bytesprite are working on adventure mode - "a series of discrete single screen levels that are varied in a number of ways in order to further explore the central co-operative tether mechanic". What they're describing is a set of levels with escalating difficulty interspersed with boss fights.

Garden warfare

Also planned is a versus mode for up to 4 players and online multiplayer.

Bramblelash is intended for release later this year on PC, Mac and Linux. You can keep up with developments over on the ModDB page or over on the official site blog.

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