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Silent Running: Shadowrun Chronicles Is Out Now

Boston Lockdown campaign now available

I was as surprised as anyone to see a whole new Shadowrun campaign on Steam this morning. So surprised, in fact, that I had to do some catching up to understand what exactly I was looking at.Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown is the game we once knew as Shadowrun Online. The fact that its campaign of XCOM-like tactical combat can be enjoyed by a single player presumably made the "Online" part of the title unnecessarily offputting. Remember when "Online" was a promise rather than a threat?

Chronicles has emerged from Early Access and is ready to welcome new Runners. Perhaps the trailer will tempt you.

The Boston Lockdown subtitle strongly suggests this will be the first setting of several, as does the impressive work that has gone into the campaign itself. The Digital Deluxe and RPG Super Deluxe editions of Chronicles contain intel for use in the pen and paper Shadowrun system, including (at the highest pricepoint) a 240+ page campaign book in PDF form.

Chronicles can be played cooperatively or on your lonesome, and is typical Shadowrun cyberstuff. Dragons, Megacorps, conspiracies. It probably works as a metaphor for the UK General Election because why not? We'll take a look at it as soon as possible and let you know how well it all hangs together.

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