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I Blame Society: Bunker Punks, An FPS-RPG-Manage-o-sim

With great hair

The problem with Vault Dwellers, yeah, is that they're dweebs. The world as we know it is gone and they hunker down in their nuclear bunkers like squares, following their little rules as pawns in someone else's experiments. I want to stick it to The Man behind our little apocalypse. I want to join the Bunker Punks [official site].

Bunker Punks is a roguelikelike old-school FPS with splashes of RPG and management sim. I've had an eye on it for a while, but wanted to see more before I yelled at you about it. Now, a trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

The Bunker Punks are revolutionaries raiding The Man's facilities for loot and resources. That side plays out in zipping, zooming, circle-strafing 3D first-person face-shooting on procedurally-generated levels. They're also a movement. Between missions, you have a base to build and upgrade, XCOM-style. Your punks are distinct characters with their own traits and gear, and level up too, and you can recruit more for the cause.

Bunker Punks is made by Ninja Robot Dinosaur Entertainment, a horribly-named studio founded by Shane Neville. As I said, I've been following it for a while; its dev blog will regularly drop cool pictures of cool punks into your feeds. I normally wouldn't mention pre-orders, but a zine is a cute little on-brand bonus.

No word on a release date yet, but it looks like it'll cost $14.99 (£10).

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