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Bang Bang Battleships Boom: Free Game USS Tlancy


Vlambeer's games are big, loud, colourful, and exciting but, y'know, they're also hard. What if you want noise and colours and flashes and hordes of enemies and torrents of bullets and explosions and screenshake without really having to try? What if you simply want to 'splode stuff real good?

You might fancy a crack at USS Tlancy [official site], which follows the Vlambeerian explode-o-style. It's a flak-blasting, torpedo-launching, cannon-firing, screen-shaking point-scoring arcade battleship explosionfest made by Armel Gibson, and you can download it for free.

You're given a simple mission by Com Tlancy (not at all to be confused with Tom Clancy, whose name Ubisoft have exclusive claim to in video games): er, actually it's so simple I've forgotten between last playing USS Tlancy and starting to write this post. You've got to explode the heck out of everything with your huge battleship, basically. Tlancy supplies the music too (riffing off Com Truise in name there too, obvs).

Planes, ships, and submarines swarm around you. Flak cannons automatically fire wherever your mouse points to take down planes, left-clicking blasts those cannons to blow up ships, and right-clicking launches slow-moving torpedoes to take down subs. Things explode, and eventually you explode.

Gibson released the game last year but I only saw it when he uploaded it to Itch.io this week so hey, maybe you haven't seen it either.

My top score is 1755 so far, and I'll scramble to mention in my defence that I was also trying to take a good screenshot at the time (that one up top is the best that came out) so, like, I could've got a million points if I were really trying yeah? Here's another life I played:

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