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Pest Control: Infested Planet Gets New DLC


You may remember Infested Planet [official site] from the numerous times we've talked about it: an indie strategy game, amidst the backdrop of pesky aliens and cluster bombs. Sort of like War and Peace in Space. Now the wonderfully named Rocket Bear Games has announced the launch of expansion DLC that will make things even harder for your relentless campaign of death.

Here's the run-down: The Trickster's Arsenal DLC gets you new commander powers, new alien enemy types and an Ironman Leaderboard that ranks your prowess in the very challenging Ironman Mode. It's available now on Steam for $4.99, alongside an update with full patch notes available.

Graham played the original game last year, calling it a blend of strategy genres. "I think there are two reasons I play strategy games," he wrote. "One is for complex campaigns requiring deep thought and careful planning, whether that be in Unity of Command or Supreme Commander. The other is for the relaxing power trip provided by swirling numbers of units, as in Eufloria or Galcon Fusion. Infested Planet sits somewhere between the two, a mid-point that’s more satisfying in some ways for the greater sense of accomplishment it delivers and less satisfying in others for the frustration of never quite letting you relax."

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