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Would Like To Know More: Infested Planet Lands March 6th

Deploy the Doogie Howser

John, Craig and I used to meet mulitple times a week in front of a projector screen to watch good films, bad films, action films. Of everything that we watched - Arnold Schwarzenegger's Hercules in New York and The Villain included - no one provided us with more entertainment than Paul Verhoeven. His films were good, bad and action all at once.

That's why I look at Infested Planet and get a little thrill from its Starship Trooperisms. It's a top-down strategy-lite in which a small squad of soldiers can mow down thousands of chitinous alien bugs. It looks slightly less satirically fascist, but from up here, I can pretend every single soldier is Casper Van Dien.

It's been in Early Access for a while, but is super-available to ultra-buy come its full-release on March 6th. New trailer below.

It's bound to be better than the inevitable Starship Troopers remake, anyway.

Alec liked it when he took a look at its beta in the middle of last year. I tend to enjoy real-time strategy games which simplify the standard glut of mechanics, so if this is a little bit tower defence-y, a little Cannon Fodder-y, then it's alright by me. I'll fire my proboscis deep inside it to extract critical thoughts before release.

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