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Far Cry 4 Meets Civilization V In Pagan Min Mod

Big on archaeology

Who'd win in a war: Pagan Min out Far Cry 4 or Gandhi? Sure, Min's great at murder and oppression and has a crack army and all that, but push Gandhi too far and nukes will fly. In Civilization V [official site], anyway.

Custom civilisations are one of the more common Civ mod types, but I do like the look of a new mod adding Pagan Min and the nation of Kyrat. They're mostly focused archeology and exploration, see, though can always deploy those horrible sneaky Hunter soldiers, the gits in the hoods who pelt you with arrows then vanish. Yeah, you can have them.

The mod was started as an April Fool's joke but actually leads to a pretty interesting civ. Kyrat earn gold for exploring ruins, and gain bonus gold from owning artifacts and working antiquity sites. Kyrat replace the Crossbowman with those Hunters, who are a bit weaker but are invisible in forest and jungle and aren't slowed by rough terrain. Their Infantry replacement, the Royal Guard, can also be used to excavate antiquity sites.

They sound like an interesting one and, y'know, you also get to settle that Gandhi question.

You can find the Kyrat mod on the Steam Workshop or CivFanatics. You will need Brave New World to play, as the expansion added archaeology and that's sorta central to this civ.

Another video game crossover that's interested me for a while is Militaires Sans Frontieres, which adds The Boss's chums from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. They have the novel twist of a central base which levels up as they go, and can roll out Metal Gear too. And as I look, I realise that hey, Kyrat creator Vice Virtuoso is behind that mod too. What a clever sausage.

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