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Warframe Update Moves Beyond Sharkfin Helmets

Get ready for the nine words you've been waiting for: "The New Protocols is here with six new tilesets!" Warframe [official site], or that game what have Space ninjas, just got a new batch of DLC that will give you a load of additional ability mods, weapons and a couple of helmets.

But the tilesets! What an exciting series of random vowels and consonants to behold. In Warframe-speak they're talking about a set of map components that randomly generate every mission. The results are beautiful, you can check out some of the new vaults here - It's sci-fi slick with a hint of BioShock. You can also check out some of the new Augment Mods (stuff that adds effects to your weapons) that have arrived.

Likewise, you should have a look at Jim's deep-dive into the weird alien world of Warframe over here. He wrote these words: "Warframe is a sci-fi over-the-shoulder shooter where space ninjas have upgradeable sharkfin heads. Sadly that doesn’t quite clinch the deal, because the free-to-play beast of Digital Extremes has been in beta for a year now, and still hasn’t quite driven home the wakizashi of success. But has that journey delivered it from the hollow purgatory of its early release? Or will it determine to be a footnote in the history of free-to-play experimentation?"

Dear past Jim, it's ulta-popular so presumably not a footnote. Just ask Rock, Paper, Skana, the friendly RPS Warframe clan. They can be found via the forum.

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