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Veilbreaker is Warframe’s surprise next expansion

It will follow up last year's The New War

Warframe is getting a surprise next expansion called Veilbreaker, today’s TennoCon 2022 livestream has revealed. It’ll be reviving heroes from last year's The New War expansion, and bringing back some old villains, too. Suit up and watch the announcement trailer below.

Veilbreaker is essentially a smaller scale redux version of Warframe's The New War expansion. As shown in the trailer, Grineer Lancer Kahl-175 returns from the previous expansion, and The New War’s boss robots, the Archons, are back, too, though they’ve been souped up to be more difficult. Warframe’s 50th, erm, warframe will also make its debut during Veilbreaker, but that wasn’t featured in the trailer shown today.

A new expansion wasn’t the only thing of note shown during today’s TennoCon stream. Long-teased open-world expansion The Duviri Paradox was shown in more detail. That’s set to arrive sometime towards the end of the year. Developers Digital Extremes also announced they’re working on a fantasy spin-off called Soulframe. The direction of both Veilbreaker and The Duviri Paradox has been influenced by Warframe’s incumbent creative director, Rebecca Ford. Former leads Steve Sinclair and Scott McGregor will be moving to work on Soulframe.

Warframe is still one of the best free PC games you can play today. It's come a long way since it first came out, evolving from a handful of level tilesets to a proper solar system. There's dogfighting missions now, a hoverboard, AI companions, plus a whole roster of different Warframes to master.

Veilbreaker is due to hit Warframe sometime in August. You can download and play Warframe for free on Steam. Be sure to also take a look at our tips and tricks for Warframe beginners while you wait for the new expansions to show up.

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