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Warframe is showing off The New War expansion at TennoCon on Saturday

Digital Extremes are hosting an "interactive preview event"

Warframe celebration event TennoCon is online again this year and kicking off this weekend. Along with other Warframe-related reveals and news, Digital Extremes say they'll be properly showing off The New War expansion for the first time. The long-teased expansion is getting debuted through an "interactive preview event". That'll be going down this Saturday, July 17th, but you can snag an early peek at the expansion in a new trailer today.

"We’ve spent a lot of time talking about The New War on Devstreams and at past TennoCons," says live operations and community director Rebecca Ford. "We’ve shown cinematics, added in-game messages and lead ups, and now the wait is over...we are so excited to finally provide some answers and give everyone a small piece of what’s to come with The New War. We’re thankful for the patience of our players and we look forward to seeing their reactions to some of our big reveals in the chat."

You can catch a quick teaser for the expansion here in today's new trailer:

Cover image for YouTube videoWarframe | TennoCon 2021 Teaser

As for the interactive bit, Digital Extremes call it an "in-game Relay event where Warframe players can unite with friends from around the world, including the award-winning Canadian studio, for a one-time interactive preview event featuring a sneak peek of exclusive new content."

Warframe has grown a lot over the years through updates and expansions, enough so that it ranks on RPS's list of best free PC games.

"What was once a handful of level tilesets to endlessly grind through is now a proper solar system, featuring two vast open world areas, a Gundam-like suit for dogfighting missions, a hoverboard (swapping resource grinding for handrail grinding), a series of AI companions (ranging from a mini-Metal Gear to a full-on space wolf) and a roster of 66 Warframes to learn and master," says Graham. "It makes Destiny look like a tiddler."

TennoCon begins on Saturday, July 17 at 10pm BST (5pm EDT) over on Twitch. You can catch the full event schedule and details on Twitch Drop rewards being given out over on Warframe's site.

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