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Izle Kickstarter Offers Grapple Hooking On To Clouds


By the time I've learned that a game is about crafting on a procedural landscape and on Kickstarter, I'm a sludge on the ground, my lack of interest unable to hold my molecules together. Izle had a long way to go to re-corporealise me, then. It did it first by making its procedural worlds floating islands rendered in a pretty, polygonal, flat-textured style. Then by having a grappling hook which lets you swing from clouds. Then by having some sort of ability in which you fly into the sky and then a giant hand comes out, as if from a galactic giant, and I think that's how the islands are formed? Then you get a bird you can fly upon.

Also there are meteorite strikes, voxel destruction, space boats...

Although the pitch video shows yer usual digging + building, the game seems to move beyond simple Minecraftbut territory and firmly into the lands of the Minecraftbutbut. That's partly because there's a light side/dark side mechanic in which you can choose to become one of the shadow people - the evil force you're ostensibly protecting this land from - in order to gain greater powers. The cost of which is that the islands "suffer" for your choice, becoming dark and scorched as seen above.

Shadows get a bad rep, I say. A pledge of $14/£9.48 will get you the game when it's released, with a project delivery date of December 2016. $25/£16.93 gets you alpha access, though there's no word as to when that'll be, plus instant access to the "original 2013 prototype," whatever that contains. The project currently has $9,217 of its $90,000 goal with 22 days left, so someway to go yet.

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