January 2009 Archive

    1. Unknown Pleasures 2009: Majesty 2
    2. Deeply Sinister Atari Ad, Featuring Yars' Revenge
    1. Trials Too: Monster Trucks Nitro
    2. Kyle Gabler Delivers Global Game Jam Keynote
    3. Unknown Pleasures 2009: Zeno Clash
    4. The Turning Test: Plain Sight Beta Impressions
    5. AaaaaAAaa...!!! - A Reckless Disregard For Gravity
    6. ArmA II Trailer Shows Fiction, Realism
    1. PC Game Sales: 47% Of PC Purchases Are Digital
    2. Mirror's Edge Third Person Hack
    3. Robots AND Killing: Robokill
    4. This Just In: Britons Buy Many Games
    1. Scouting For Scouts
    2. Tower Of Grow
    3. Unknown Pleasures 2009: Machinarium
    4. Spandau Ballet Sits and Starts Singing about Gold
    5. DoW2 Beta Now Entirely Open
    1. Doctoring The Tardis: All Aspect Warfare
    2. Fallout 3 New Content, Adventures In GFWL
    3. Freaky Wormholes Expand Eve Online By 46%
    1. Burnout Paradise Trailer, "Ultimate Box"
    2. Not Geometry Wars: Space Pips
    3. Gifts Of War: New Warhammer Classes?
    4. Unknown Pleasures 2009: The Void
    5. You Need Closure
    6. Puzzle Quest: Galactrix: Downloadablosity
    7. The Planetside War: Weekend Warriors
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Ski Sunday
    1. A Bolt From The Blue: ACES Gone
    1. Chew, Spit, Manage: MLB Front Office Manager
    2. If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked A Cake
    3. More DoW2 Multiplayer Wordthinks
    4. Unknown Pleasures 2009: Blush
    1. Riddick Footage Aplenty
    2. Return of The Battefield Heroes Beta
    3. One For The Amoeba: Osmos
    4. Demo Impressions: FEAR 2
    5. World Continues To Be Conflicted
    6. Unknown Pleasures 2009: Gridrunner+++
    7. Walkie Tonky
    8. Robocute Deathspasm: Plain Sight Open Beta
    1. Unknown Pleasures 2009: Age of Decadence
    2. Dawn of War 2 Beta Early Access (And Impressions)
    3. Score Your Day: World Of Goo Soundtrack Released
    4. RedBedlam Boss Says Gold Farming "Inevitable"
    1. Wot I Think: Mirror's Edge
    2. Planetside War: The Fight Begins
    3. Will It Be A Hit, Man? Io's Next Game
    4. Foot-to-ball MMO Proves Enticing
    5. Sound Of The Underground: Spelunky
    1. Unknown Pleasures 2009: Solium Infernum
    2. Comment Poll: Digi Downloads
    3. Valve: "Pirates are underserved customers"
    4. Bioware Boss Talks Up PC Diversity
    5. Another Dimension: Puzzle Quest Galactrix Demo
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Interview: Matt Wagner On Black Shark
    1. Planetside War Update: All Keys Accounted For!
    2. Top 20 PC Games of 2008. In N. America. In Retail.
    1. Rodent Rhetoric
    2. Defence Grid Demo On Steam
    3. The Planetside War
    4. Richard Garriot Still Loves His Ultima
    5. PC Game Sales: The Mysterious 14%
    6. Unknown Pleasures 2009: Elemental: War of Magic
    1. War In 432Kb: A New Zero
    2. 2D BOY Talk Goo
    3. The Whole Of The Moon: Consolevania Ends
    4. It's for you, Juarez: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
    5. Left 4 Dead Tweakathon
    1. You Are Likely To Be Eaten By Another Grue
    2. "Metropolis Of Super-people"
    3. Temporary Forum Coma
    4. Grey's Anatomy On PC At Long Last
    5. ZangbandTK: Confessions of a Dungeon Hack
    1. Dangerous High School Girls In Award Ceremonies
    2. Win! Tomb Raider Underworld, Signed By A Girl
    3. Unknown Pleasures 09: McMillen's Myriad Marvels
    4. Eve, Embedded Jim & Human Interaction
    5. The Jumping Is Quite Good: Caster
    6. Writers Guild Videogame Award Nominees
    1. Wholesale Fail Whale: Developer's Twitters
    2. Retro: Fable
    3. Democracy 2, New Demo And Stuff
    4. Crayon Physics Demo
    5. Wot I Think: Saints Row 2
    1. The Road To Damascus Resurfaced: CMSF v1.11
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. All Of X-Com For Cheap
    2. "The Solution To Everything You Fear"
    1. Masters Of Mystery Demo Impressions
    2. King's Bounty No Longer A King's Bounty (Briefly)
    3. You Will Fall In Love With The Majesty Of Colours
    4. Red Alert 3.5: Red Alertier
    1. Acting Like Sheep: Flock
    2. War, And The Second Dawning Thereof
    3. Whee! Prototype For Summer '09
    4. Hands On With Men Of War
    5. Unknown Pleasures 2009: Venture Dinosauria
    6. Losing Is Fun, Learning is Better: DF UltraTutorials
    1. The World Is Enough: Global Agenda
    2. Ragdoll Cricket
    3. IGF 2009: The Shortlist
    4. Full Throttle Goes Cinematic
    5. What Yo' Tolkien About? LOTR: Conquest
    6. Hip To Be Square: Battle Of The Tiles
    7. Gaming In The Russian Cosmos, Part 2
    1. Armmogeddon: The Patent Of Doom
    2. Battlestations Everyone
    3. Mod Of The Year Awards 2008
    4. Stealth Fattie: Ten Ton Ninja
    5. Wot I Think: Crayon Physics Deluxe
    6. We Are Spies, We Will Thrill You: Gravity Bone
    1. 2009, We Demand Of Thee
    2. CephalopOddbob's Progress: SYNSO
    3. This Is The Modern World: Sims 3 Specs Up
    4. Gaming In The Russian Cosmos, Part 1
    1. War Plan Pacific: Nimitz with limitz
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Dead Space Comic, #1 Free
    2. Crimsoness
    3. The Manipulator
    1. The Complete Now That’s What I Call A Best 2008