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Planetside War: The Fight Begins

The seventy brave souls who will represent us in the blogwar in Planetside have now received their keys and begun getting organised in the game. We have a RockPaperShotgun outfit (guild) already formed, with lots more information to be found in this forum thread. Do read it first, rather just posting "OMG HELP", eh? If you didn't get a key but still want to help in the war effort there are still some options.

If you download the client from here, you can use a Station account that has not previously had a Planetside trial to get into the game for 14 days. When you don't put a key in, apparently, it defaults to a trial option, which is convenient for those of you wishing to dabble. Or you can, of course, subscribe normally. Either way expect extensive patching, the client if 1.7gb big, and the server slow. But don't let that dissaude you, we'd love to see you in there, particularly if you're a Planetside Vet, because the magnificent seventy are certainly going to need some help if they're going to survive the coming weeks intact.

Anyway, our brave soldiers are on the Gemini server and can be found as part of the RockPaperShotgun outfit. If you're in-game and otherwise clueless, contact the characters darttles, PSponge, xStalinsGhostx, Seniath, xRPSxJamesTao, or RockPaperShotgun to get yourself signed up. These are all RPS readers, including outfit leader RockPaperShotgun, so please treat them with some respect. Once in the outfit you'll get plenty of help in being ferried off to your inevitable death.

IMPORTANT: You'll also need Ventrilo. This is the voice comms program that will allow you speak to and listen to your fellow RPS Planetsiders. The outfit folk can supply you with the login details for that. Having a mic is not mandatory, but it's quite useful.

Sadly I won't actually be on until the weekend, but we'll be aiming to get a big old posse together at 8pm GMT, and see if we can't find some Boingers and 'Scapists to slay. Hooray.

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