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Full Throttle Goes Cinematic

This is so very good. It's also been around for a couple of years, but this is the first time we've encountered it. Someone working under the name VGMD, cut together all the cinematics and key scenes from Full Throttle to create an hour-long 'movie' version.

As we lament the standards of storytelling and voice acting in many games, this stands as an example to all. It should be required viewing when people start a new game. "Oh!" they'd say as it finished, "It can be that good?" You can download the video from Gamers Hell here.

VGMD did a really great job. He's removed the user interface throughout, but used in-game sequences as well as the game's wonderful cutscenes. There's also some smart pacing, with very few moments of watching Ben traipse across the screen. The choice of what to include is also smart, with important conversation choices used. Of course this means the vast majority of the wonderful lines aren't in here - you'll have to play the game for that (if you can find a copy) - but all that's crucial to tell the story is in place.

The game holds up so well. The dystopian future, the last of the motorcycle gangs, and most of all, the gruff performances. It's splendid. If you just finished watching the fantastic Sons of Anarchy, this taps into many of the same themes, except with more flying cars and fewer corrupt cops. Oh, I love Full Throttle so very much. This is a fantastic way to remember its majesty.

Big thanks to Joe for the tip.

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