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Duncan Jones still wants to make a Full Throttle movie

The director of Moon loves the LucasArts adventure game

The director of Moon and Warcraft is still dreaming of making a movie version of Full Throttle, the classic LucasArts adventure game about rough 'n' tough bikers and lovers. A year ago Duncan Jones released a tentative script he banged out in a fit of procrastination, and in 2022 he's still thinking of the smell of asphalt. In a cheeky wee tweet over the weekend, he asked fans to bug LucasOwners Disney to let him do it.

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Originally released in 1995, Full Throttle is a point 'n' click 'n' kick adventure game about Ben, the leader of a biker gang, who gets embroiled in conspiracy and mystery after the murder of a motorbike manufacturer's founder. Tim Schafer wrote it at LucasArts way back when, and his new studio, Double Fine Productions, released a remaster in 2017.

"If you loved the original, this is worth buying for the improved sound alone," John Walker (RPS in peace) said in our Full Throttle Remastered review. "If you never played it, then oh my goodness, hurry up!" Game's good. And one known celebrity fan is Duncan Jones, the director of Moon, Source Code, Warcraft, and Mute. Enough of a fan to want to make a movie.

"I enjoy writing," Jones tweeted in January 2021. "I also hate writing. Sometimes, when I cant squeeze out the thing I want to write, I write something else. This has happened a lot during Covid."

On one of those occasions, he was inspired by seeing Full Throttle writer Tim Schafer posting a fan-made animation, sparking him to write a script for a movie adaptation. Then he published that script for all to read. Even Tim Schafer was surprised.

The fan movie script borrows a lot from the game's script, as I suppose you would want such a thing to. Why start from scratch when so many lines are iconic?

That was a year ago, but he'd still quite like for his fanfic to become fic. Jones tweeted on Sunday:

He could just be bored and tweetin' but hey, stranger things have happened. I heard Errol from 15 Storeys High traps people on the Moon?

I also have written fanfic I'd like canonised, so please do get in touch with me too, Walt Disney. I've got some stories that'll thaw your head and no mistake!

In the meantime, you can already kinda watch a Full Throttle movie. It has enough cutscenes and dialogue that over the years, several folks have edited playthroughs into 'movies', like this one by "whitehands":

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Still one of the best openings in video games.

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