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Have You Played... Full Throttle?

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I haven't, you see. Well, I played the demo years and years ago, and I watched the cutscenes-stitched-into-a-movie version not quite so many years ago, but I'm very conscious that this 1995-made, 2040-set adventure is the big blindspot in my Lucasarts knowledge. I'm also aware that some people hail it as the studio's most grown-up and impressive-on-a-level-beyond-just-funny hour. Given this is Grim Fandango re-release date, it seems timely to look back and wonder if Tim Schafer's earlier, more leathery work deserves similarly modernising treatment.

Of course, this tale of future motorcycle wars probably needs it a whole lot less, given its 2D nature doesn't date it as badly as low-res 3D did Grim, and it had conventional point'n'clicker controls. It is badly in need of a digital re-release at the very least, however. Let's hope that it's still to come from GoG's ongoing glut of exhumed Lucasarts titles.

I hope so. I really do want to play it properly at last. It's that rarest of things - a Lucasarts game in which failure is possible (if only for a moment). Also, there's punching. Lots and lots of punching.

So tell me: have you played Full Throttle? Would you do so again, if you could?

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