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World Continues To Be Conflicted

Obama might be shutting down Guantanamo and opening negotiations with Iran, but he's not addressing the real threat to Western society: those bally Commies. Thank goodness the lost World in Conflict expansion pack, Soviet Assault, has finally been unearthed - the true tale of this Red menace will be told at last.

Soviet Assault, originally planned for 360 as well as PC, was one of the many casualties of the Activision-Vivendi merger - even to the extent that developer Massive (most famed for Ground Control) was kicked out of the nascent Actard family. Fortunately, Ubisoft picked 'em up, and it looks as though 'splode-tastic alterna-Cold War RTS WiC came with 'em. Ubi will be publishing Soviet Assault in March, as part of a World In Conflict: Complete Edition pack that also stuffs the lovely original game in there. Owners of the original will be able to download the add-on through dark magicks, and probably some sort of fee.

Here's the official press release, which says basically the same stuff as this post, but with less made-up words:

Today Ubisoft announced that it will publish World in Conflict: Soviet Assault for PC in March 2009. World in Conflict: Complete Edition, the retail version of the much awaited add-on to the critically acclaimed strategy game will include the entire original World in Conflict title, as well as the Soviet Assault add-on and other exciting all-new features. Players that already own World in Conflict will have the option to download the Soviet Assault expansion pack exclusively online.

“The teams at Massive Entertainment have worked hard to ensure that they are bringing new original content to the popular World in Conflict brand,” said John Parkes, marketing director at Ubisoft EMEA. “Fans have been eagerly awaiting Soviet Assault, and Ubisoft is excited to be able to bring them great new material.”

World in Conflict: Soviet Assault allows players to relive the Cold War in a dramatic, gritty, real world setting driven by compelling characters and storyline. This one of a kind strategy game offers players a unique team-oriented experience on chillingly realistic battlegrounds. Soviet Assault features all-new characters, gameplay from the Soviet perspective, ten new films, new multiplayer maps and more.

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