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Massive Entertainment Building Far Cry 3's Multiplayer 

Yup, that Massive: the Ground Control and World in Conflict devs have been disarmingly silent of late. But according to reports from the Ubisoft GDC event, they're helping to create the Far Cry 3 multiplayer. "Huh?", you might think, but hold that back for a moment - I have more. According to Vox Game's Brian Crecente

In working on Far Cry 3's "online universe" Ubisoft Massive is adding elements from the indie scene and social games, they say

Go on let it out now. I'll join you.

So that's where they've been. "Online Universe" pretty much just makes me think of multiplayer with some persistence across games, character levels and the like. I'm trying to figure out how a Far Cry 3 multiplayer with social additions will work, though. I guess they just mean those unlocks that Ubisoft's Uplay touts, skins and new missions maybe? But then the indie scene thing throws me: it's a huge, varied space.

They're also building an unannounced third-person MMORPG for Ubi, so it's good that they're not just there to shoulder the bits of games that the other devs can't be bothered to make. They apparently were the team behind the Assassin's Creed Revelations FPS sequences.

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