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GamersGate: Redesigned, Crazy Sales

This is the kind of thing we'd normally leave for LewieP to herd into his weekly Bargain Bucket post, but if we wait to mention it till Sunday, most of the great offers will be gone. So, call this the RPS Bargain Jar or something. Quite a few of you have griped about digital store GamersGate's general design over the past few months, and it seems they too were aware of their fugliness. There's just been a big old redesign to make the site sleeker and noticeably faster - and, if you ask me, just a little bit GoG-esque. Shiny! And, thank Vonnegut, it doesn't demand to install yet another icon into our heaving system trays. To celebrate, they've a week of ultro-discounts - a new price-slashed game each day, plus a particularly splendid one lasting the course of the week. Buy buy buy!

Until the 31st, there's a startling 60% of a title that's going to be a serious contender for both Jim and my game of the year - the splendid strategy sandboxery of Men of War. It's a mere $11.99/£10.79 until end of play Sunday. Go! Get! Go! Get!

Today only, sprawling, inventive indie RPG Mount & Blade has 50% off, fetching up at $14.95/£13.99.

Tomorrow, the most excellent explosions of World In Conflict: Complete Edition goes half price for the day, which should mean the same price as Mount & Blade is today. Also RPS Seal of Approvalled, this one.

Come Friday, cult space strategy Sword of the Stars has its day in the sun, its complete collection enjoying a 50% discount. Alack, no-one on RPS has played this yet, despite having heard good things. We'll take a gander one day, promise.

Finally, from Thursday to Sunday Stalker: Clear Sky will be 50% cheaper. I'm still adamant you should stick to the original Stalker, but if you're hungry for more Zoneage, a combination of patches and mods have improved the once-upsetting Clear Sky no end.

Buying advice ends here. Well done, men.

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