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Another Dimension: Puzzle Quest Galactrix Demo

It looks like it's going to be a day for returning 2007 RPS-favourites. Well, there's another one later. Maybe more. The day's early. Anyway - we loved Puzzle Quest's mix of light-RPG and gem-matching action. We were excited at the announcement of a space-based sequel. And now you can actually play the bally thing in a web-based demo. Some initial thoughts and a little gameplay video beneath the cut.

It's a pretty limited demo, which is just enough to get familiar with the new mechanics. There's none of the adventuring side of the games, just a one-on-one duel with you and an opponent who has the same powers as you - which means you're both competing to capture the same resources. The main difference is that rather than playing on a square grid, you're on a hexagonal one. Which means your immediate worry will be trying to work out which direction the blocks slide when you move one. It's actually quite simple - whatever direction you move your piece, that's the direction which everything slides. By "quite simple" I mean "I'm bloody rubbish at it".

One final tip - of your three powers, the Trident Laser claims that it doesn't end your turn when it fires. It totally does.

And here's some video footage of the full game.

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Complaints about cheating AI... go!

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