June 2011 Archive

    1. Not Only, But Also: Source SDK To Be Free
    2. The Shell Game: New Red Orchestra 2 Shots
    3. Valve Summer Sale Incoming!
    4. Activision Announce Call Of Duty Convention
    5. Age Of Conan: Unchained Arrives Tomorrow
    6. Flying Wild Hog's PC Shooter Is... Um
    7. Cold Soarage: Luftrauser
    8. Potato Salad For Two: Portal 2 Compo Co-op
    9. Bear Hug: Alpha Polaris Demo
    10. Maximum Mod: Crysis 2 Editor Released
    11. Seven Minutes Of Arma 3 Footage
    12. Storm Clouds: Gaikai Boasts Tech Prowess
    13. Euro Truck Simulator: A New Demo!
    14. Analyst Says Titan Will Be "Casual MMO"
    1. Seedy Looking: Blacklight Retribution Trailer
    2. Ghost In The Machine: Dead Cyborg
    3. Sneaking In: 100 Rogues
    4. Look, A Splendid Katamari Minecraft Mod
    5. WIN: Summery Copies Of Killing Floor!
    6. Ludum Dare 20: It's Dangerous To Go Alone!
    7. Attention, Writers: RPS Is Recruiting
    8. Rock, Paper, Shotgun Goes Free-To-Read!
    9. Interview: XCOM Tells The "Origin Story"
    10. EA Say F2P Competes With Consoles
    11. Might & Magic 25th Anniversary Trailer, Beta
    12. How I Nearly Starred In Ultima Online 2
    13. Touring Cars: Dirt 3 Monte Carlo DLC
    14. Hero Worship: Driver 5 Loves Tanner
    15. WoW's Trial Now A Free "Starter Edition"
    1. Minecraft To See "Experimental Gameplay"
    2. Exile Victorious? The Portal 2 Music Videos
    3. Portal 2 Summer Mapping Initiative Winners
    4. A Storm of Swords: Stronghold 3 Preview
    5. Why You Should Return To A Free TF2
    6. Battlefield Heroes' Summer Super Stuff
    7. Better Down Where It's Wetter: Guild Wars 2
    8. Eve Online's Struggle & CCP's Redemption
    9. Take A Seat: Scorpion Psychiatrists Of Saturn
    10. Onwards! SHIFT 2 DLC Free On PC
    11. Defeated Anti-Games Senator Laments Loss
    12. Tribes: Ascend Will Be Free, Certainly Tribal
    1. Wot I Think: F.3.A.R
    2. Crysis 2's Fancy Graphics Patch Released
    3. Eve Online In Crisis: The EG Coverage
    4. Victory! US Politicians Fail To Outlaw Games
    5. Public Service Announcement: Play Proun
    6. Bounce Upon A Time: Basketbelle
    7. Wot I Think: Dungeon Siege III
    8. The Old Republic: Alderaan Mission Trailer
    9. Hitman: Absolution Details Talk "Variety"
    10. Adventure Denied: Minecraft 1.7 Rethought
    11. Byte vs Brick: This Week's PC Charts
    12. Charted: Unearthed Announced
    13. Eek Online: CCP Apologises
    1. Not Cardboard Children: Two's Company
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. LulzSec Over, Release Battlefield Heroes Data
    1. CCP Defends Eve's Crazy Clothes Costs
    2. No New Hope: Star Wars Galaxies Closing
    3. Guild Wars 2's Underwater Worlds
    4. Hellgate: The Returnening: The Open Beta
    5. Take On Helicopters Taster For Op Arrowers
    6. Crytek: Crysis 2's Direction "Backfired"
    7. Winter Is Coming: Winter Voices Get A Demo
    8. Team Fortress 2: Why Go Free?
    9. Dropping The Ball: Proun Released
    10. Codemasters Flaunt Some F1 2011 Footage
    11. Brink DLC Will Be Free For Two Weeks
    12. Hands On With New Men Of War DLC
    13. Down To The Wire: Skinny
    14. This Saints Row Trailer Is What I Don't Even
    15. Eve Online Dev Responds To Incarna Anger
    16. Make It Stop: BioWare NWN Forums Hacked
    17. Delayed Reaction: Homefront PC Demo
    18. Another World: BioShock Infinite vs Reality
    19. Team Fortress 2: Meet The Medic
    20. Team Fortress 2 Now Free To Play
    1. Freaky: Killing Floor's Summer Sideshow
    2. L.A. Noire: What It Could Mean On PC
    3. Billions Of Stars: Hoshi Saga 6
    4. L.A. Noire Announced For PC
    5. Space Waif: Solar 2 Is What I Like
    6. Pre-Order Skyrim, Get "Premium Quality Map"
    7. Arma 2 Free, OpFlash Renamed, Kinda Free
    8. Coming And Göring: Panzer Corps Dated
    9. DeathSpank With A Side Of: The Baconing
    10. Half-Half-Half-Half-Half-Elves: TinyHack
    11. Hands On: Dead Island
    12. Boom: Nuclear Dawn Arrives September 2011
    13. Bugging Out: Infested Planet
    14. Dungeon Siege 3 Getting Better PC Controls
    15. PopCap Being Sold To EA For $Lots Bn?
    16. TF2 Update Is Here All Week, Folks!
    17. 'Blops "Annihilation" Multiplayer DLC Trailer
    18. There Are An Awful Lot Of MMOs: Part 2
    1. RPS Asks: Cloud Gaming = PC Gaming?
    2. In The Trenches: Running With Rifles
    3. Spatial Awareness: Critical Mass
    4. Impressions: Six Gun Saga
    5. A Smurf In Terraria: Part Two
    6. Eek: EVE's Clothing And Cash Crisis
    7. New Vegas: Patch And Old World Blues Dated
    8. Magicka's Excellent PvP Spoof Trailer
    9. Metal Hug: Cobalt Is Adorable, Armed
    10. How Infinite Fixes BioShock's Key Problem
    11. Freedom On Rails: Bioshock Infinite Interview
    12. Orc Aye, They Must Die: Trailer
    13. Bricking It: Lego Universe Getting Free Trial
    14. Red Augustra: Heroes Of Stalingrad Dated
    15. Shake It, Maybe: Duke Nukem Foreveryone
    1. City of Heroes: Freedom, Man
    2. Eyes On: BioShock - Infinite
    3. Update: Alleged LulzSec Suspect Arrested
    4. Terraria To Give Gravity The Boot
    5. Worth Exploring: Indie Adventure Kairo
    6. Nice Dwarf, But Is It Art?
    7. Batman's Pet Boy In Arkham 2
    8. First Look: Serious Sam Double D
    9. First Look - Aliens: Colonial Marines
    10. Duke Nukem's Awkward PR Fallout
    11. Ocarina of Mine: Zelda Adventure
    12. Indie Game: The Movie: The Trailer
    13. Radical Changes For A Valley Without Wind
    14. Pulling Mobs: TF2's Über Update, Day One
    1. Final Combat: Team Fortress Too
    2. With Fire & Sword – Captain Smith, Pt. 4
    3. Tragedy And Tourism In Tropico 4
    4. King When You're Winning: Fallen Champions
    5. Strong Presidents, Strong Gamers
    6. Wot I Think - Alice: Madness Returns
    7. Heavily Engaged: Ignorance Is Bliss
    8. Hello New Deus Ex Human Revolution Gallery
    9. The Da Vinci Mode: Rosslyn
    10. Red Orchestra 2 Server Options Detailed
    11. Check Out My Rig: Trucks & Trailers Demo
    12. Might Team Fortress 2 Go Free To Play?
    13. Hands On: Serious Sam 3
    14. Project Zomboid Stricken By Pirates
    15. Spotlight On Biscuit - Jamestown
    16. DotA 2 Maybe Possibly Might Be Free-to-Play
    17. Ha: Battlefield 3 PC's Superiority Confirmed
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Not Cardboard Children: Descent
    2. Gaming Made Me: EverQuest
    1. Sigh: SEGA Join The Legion Of The Hacked
    2. What Games Will You Play This Weekend?
    3. Some Thoughts on Vertex Dispenser
    4. Eurogamer Review: Dungeon Siege III
    5. Call Of Juarez Involves “Co-opetition”
    6. Jurassic Farce: Dinosaur Zookeeper
    7. DeStroggified: Quake V Might Be Like Quake I
    8. Lady Shepard To Feature In ME3 Marketing
    9. Portal 2 DLC Arrives, But You Can't Have It
    10. Who's Fighting Who (& When) In Bioshock 3
    11. The Beach is Back: Far Cry 3
    12. Ageing: Age Of Empires Online Dev Diary
    13. Germany/August/Mystery Valve Showing
    14. Planetside Next Unveil At SOE Fan Faire?
    1. DICE Respond To BF3 Pre-Order Ruckus
    2. Wave Your Hands In The Air: Kinect SDK
    3. Incandescent: Torchlight II Hands-On
    4. Tim Langdell Loses In Future "Edge" Trial
    5. The RPS BFBC2 Server Rides Again
    6. Whisper It: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer "Co-Op"
    7. Crying Out Loud: Another Crysis Map Pack
    8. A Killing: Assassin's Creed: Revelations
    9. Batman: Arkham City Will Use GFWL
    10. Leap This Way: InMomentum Beta Is On
    11. Anyone For A Game Of Terraria?
    12. Download And Play Vertex Dispenser Demo
    13. Rolling With It: QuadSmash
    14. WoW 4.2: Rage Of The Firelands Trailer
    15. Fallen Earth Goes Free-To-Play
    1. Valve Want A Video For Exile Vilify
    2. Eh? Crysis 2 Steam Axe "Not an EA decision"
    3. New Lulzsec Attacks On WoW, Newerth, Eve
    4. Getting Pist: Video Of Minecraft 1.7's Pistons
    5. It's War: EA's "Own Platform Exclusives"
    6. Ballsy: Proun Will Be Pay What You Want
    7. Wot I Think: Red Faction Armageddon
    8. Dungeon Siege 3 Advert Is What I Don't Even
    9. E3 2011 Booth Babe Babes Bonanza!
    10. Celestica: Crystal Towers 2
    11. Crysis 2 Pulled From Steam?
    12. There's Also: Collapse: Devastated World
    13. Bros No He Didn't: SMB3 V2.0 Is Coming
    14. CANVAS Teaser Is Sinister, Awesome
    15. Defiance Offers Facts And Screenshots
    1. Hackers Lulzsec Take Eve & Minecraft Offline
    2. Free-To-Play Gaming Arrives On Steam
    3. Time To Die: Wizardry Returns
    4. Mechin' Bacon: Fresh Hawken Footage
    5. GamersGate Explain FreeGames
    6. Square Enix Talk Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    7. Exclusive Hands On With Carrier Command
    8. Ding-Dong-Pong: Drop
    9. But! Dragon Age May Be Back On Track
    10. EA: Preorder DLC Won't Imbalance BF3
    11. Cube World Looks Chunky
    1. Earthenware: Terraria Update Adds Stuff
    2. Homefront 2 Is Go, Homefront Dev Is Closed
    3. Bethesda Hacked, Details About To Be Leaked
    4. Wot I Think: Duke Nukem Forever
    5. Robin Confirmed In Batman: Arkham City
    6. Hitman: Absolution In-Game Footage Leaked
    7. E3 2011 First Look: Tomb Raider
    8. Bohemia On Carrier Command, Arma III
    9. Boycott Against Battlefield 3 Is Underway
    10. Minecraft 1.7 Will Be The 'Adventure Update'
    11. Unreal: Epic Games Hacked
    12. Not Waiting Ages For Rock Of Ages
    1. Digital Sales Mean PC Games Can Happen
    2. Ambient Works: Proteus EP
    3. Frozen Synapse: Beating Mike Gapper
    4. The Sunday Papers
    1. Not Cardboard Children: Space Alert
    1. Almost Complete: E3 PC At A Glance
    2. The Duke Nukem As-I-Play LiveBlog
    3. Codemasters Hacked, First Details
    4. Amy Looks Beautiful, Tender, Grim
    5. This Is An Arkham City Batarang Controller
    6. RPS Asks: Game Servers?
    7. Alienated: Some New Xcom E3 Screens
    8. Driver: San Francisco Has An E3 Trailer Too
    9. It's Here (Or Is It?) - Duke Nukem Forever
    10. Wot No Blue Milk? SWTOR's Tatooine
    1. E3 2011 First Look: Skyrim
    2. Ships Of The Rainbow: Sword Of The Stars II
    3. E3 2011 Preview Round-Up #1
    4. E3 2011 First Look: Metro - Last Light
    5. BIA Furious 4: First Screenshots
    6. GamersGate FreeGames Beta SignUp
    7. Arma 2 Free: Bohemia's Opus For Nowt
    8. PayDay: The Heist Is A Game About Robbery
    9. The Old Republic Intro Cinematic Revealed
    10. Mass Effect 3: The Live Actioning
    11. Face Down Mars Up: Jamestown Released
    12. Okay, What: Sybil Danning’s Ruger
    13. Blimey: Carrier Command, The E3 Trailer
    14. E3 2011 First Look: Saints Row The Third
    15. Rock Of Ages Rolls Over Art, Wizards
    16. E3 2011 First Look: Hitman Absolution
    17. The Blood Is Love: Crusader Kings 2 Trailer
    18. RPS Electronic Wireless Show E3 Special
    19. Battlefield 3: Eight Minutes Of Tank
    20. Brothers In Arms Furious 4 A "Test Bed"
    1. Old Faithful? Jagged Alliance Returns
    2. Hitman: Absolution Trailer is CG, Ambiguous
    3. E3 2011 Secret Diary: Tuesday
    4. Bobby Kotick's Provocation Corner
    5. Get With The Programmer: Carmack Speaks
    6. New Gaming System Revealed At E3
    7. Razer Announce Old Republic Gaming Gear
    8. High Times: Take On Helicopters
    9. Mod News: The End
    10. Hands On: Battlefield 3
    11. Knight Time! The King Arthur 2 E3 Trailer
    12. Trackmania 2 Will Be Ludicrous
    13. Shine A Light: Dark Millenium Online Trailer
    14. CCP: Sony "More Open" To DUST Experiment
    15. Dragoning On: Fourteen Minutes Of Skyrim
    16. Interview: CCP On DUST 514 And EVE
    17. Neverwinter Teaser, Site Open For Reg
    1. Trion's Defiance MMOFPS Is Intriguing
    2. E3 2011 Secret Diary: Monday
    3. Exclusive: Magicka Tweaks Skyrim's Nipple
    4. LoTRO's Third Expansion Detailed, Trailered
    5. From Dust: E3's Finest Trailer?
    6. Real Men of War: Arma 3's Live Action Trailer
    7. Vacuum Packed: First Star Trek Trailer
    8. Anti-Tank: World of Warplanes
    9. Up And Atom: Atomic City Adventures Trailer
    10. Bountyful Harvest: Prey 2 Footage
    11. The Fifth 'Man: Hitman Absolution CG Spot
    12. Battlefield 3 is Also A Multiplayer Game
    13. Gasping: Tomb Raider Footage
    14. Done And Dun: Dungeon Siege 3 Demo Out
    15. Trundle In The Jungle: Far Cry 3 Footage
    16. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Trailer Is Cool
    17. Desktop Dungeons Do-Over: The Demo
    18. Meet The Heretic: Space Marine vs Chaos
    19. Look, Sky-walker: BioShock Infinite In Motion
    20. Betrailed: Kingdoms Of Amalamalamalamur
    21. CCP Confirms DUST 514 Is PS3 Only
    1. What About Tintin?
    2. Different: Brothers In Arms Furious 4
    3. Run Through The Jungle: Far Cry 3 Revealed
    4. BUT THEN: Batman: Arkham Asylum
    5. Quick, Time: Need For Speed: The Run, E3
    6. Also Skybiff: That Skyrim Playthrough
    7. The Old Republic: The New Trailers
    8. Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Shown, Tanky Bit
    9. Thrice The Space-Biff: Mass Effect 3 Trailer
    10. E3 2011: EA Conference Liveblog
    11. Battlefield 3: October 25th
    12. Limbo Coming To PC? Almost Certainly!
    13. Skyrim: Giant Carried Off By Dragon
    14. Not-Quite-LiveBlog: The Microsoft Conference
    15. Duel Wielding: Magicka PvP From June 21st
    16. Al Lowe Loves Leisure Suit Larry Again
    17. E3 2011 Secret Diary: Sunday Part 2
    18. Dead Island's Lively Trailer
    19. Blacklight Retribution Is Foxtrot Two Papa
    20. Edge Of Time: Spider-Mens 2
    21. FIFA 12: Foot-To-Ball Is Real
    22. Heavily Engaged: Grognard Guilt
    23. COD Elite: The Free, The Paid & The Hmm
    24. Smash It Up: Citadel Wars Released
    25. The Postal III Trailer Is Interesting
    26. Will Wright's Sterling Stuff
    27. Red River To Enter "Valley Of Death"
    28. The First Hitman: Absolution Screens
    29. NeeeAAoww: Air Conflicts Dated For July 1st
    30. Desktop Dungeons Is All Growed Up
    1. Status Updates & News Trumpets
    2. Major League Gaming: Final Day!
    3. E3 2011 Secret Diary: Sunday
    4. Total Biscuit - Hamilton's Great Adventure
    5. The Sunday Papers
    1. Gaming Made Me: Colossal Cave Adventure
    2. Prototype 2 Has Tentacles And Blood
    1. Darksiders 2 E3 Trailer Is Pulp, Predictable
    2. Ears Of War: Star Trek - The Co-Op Manshoot
    3. Tomb Raider E3 Trailer Is Dramatic, Gorgeous
    4. Hail To The Thing: On The Duke Nukem Demo
    5. Win GoG Games Via The RPS Forums
    6. Syndicate Reboot Definitely A Shooter?
    7. XCOM: Comeback, Trailer, Thoughts
    8. Sign Up For Hot Chat On RPS Forums
    9. Safe Sax: The Saxxy Awards Unveils Finalists
    10. The 'Show Me The Games' Bundle Is Good
    11. Britons: Listen To Radio 4 At 11am
    12. Alice Launch Trailer Is Messed Up, Amazing
    13. Prey 2 Trailer Is Live Action, Worrying
    1. Good Old Games Add Good Old EA Games
    2. OnLive Coming To UK This Autumn
    3. Death Becomes You: Darksiders 2 Glimpse
    4. Capcom Change SSFIV:AE DRM
    5. Hellgate Closed Beta Starts Tomorrow
    6. A Smurf In Terraria: Part One
    7. The Darkness 2 Trailer Puts Nails In
    8. It's The Duke Nukem Forever Launch Trailer
    9. Prej Your Allegiance: Sect 8 Prejudice Update
    10. Pork Chop: Super Meat Boy In Choplifter HD
    11. Handbags: Activision And EA Don't Get On
    12. Watched Like A Hawk: Hawken Dev Diary
    13. Notoriously Mental: Serious Sam 3 BFE
    1. Batman Means Cat-Biff
    2. The Partial Pride of Nations
    3. Saints Row: The Third: The CG Trailer
    4. Death To The Apocalypse: Darksiders II
    5. Beyond Forever: Colonial Marines Returns
    6. The Sword In The Stone: King Arthur's Gold
    7. Spell It Out: Stardock On Fallen Enchantress
    8. Populesque: zOMT
    9. EverQuest II Gets Children Of War Update
    10. Mod News: Clever Girl
    11. Lawesome: Rage Shows Off The Authority
    12. Interview: Indie Stone On Project Zomboid
    13. It's Official - Carmageddon: Reincarnation
    14. What About Bob? Deus Ex 3 Looks Backwards
    15. Zergy: Heart Of The Swarm Game Footage
    16. Brink DLC Has New Maps & "Sad Punk"
    17. Quake Live Updated, Briefly Considered