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Exclusive: Magicka Tweaks Skyrim's Nipple

Arrowhead and Paradox are a cheeky bunch. Magicka's irreverence became infamous in the moment they announced DLC for a fantasy magic game themed around the Vietnam War. Their cheeky approach has continued, after they learned a while back that the Paradox booth at E3 would be immediately next to Bethesda's megabooth. The result? See below for the full version.

The poster was their first intention. That was what Paradox thought they could get away with, having rejected the idea of adding on a slogan saying they'd have twice as many dragons as Skyrim. (Their not having any dragons at all slightly put the kibosh on that claim.). Arrowhead slightly misinterpreted things, and as a result there's now to be a brand new free DLC item for Magicka: a dragon born wizard robe. It'll be given away free in the near future.

So here's the Skyrim poster:

And here's Arrowhead's version:

Check out that slogan. You can click on them each for a larger version. The two will be right next to each other at E3, at least until Bethesda's henchmen show up.

The other big Magicka news this week is that in two weeks there's to be another free update, adding PvP to the game. Which is good, too.

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