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Better Down Where It's Wetter: Guild Wars 2

Are you going to the beach this summer? The weather looks like it'll hold up, though personally I've always enjoyed a walk in the rain along a stormy beach front, as long as I don't have to deal with scuba diving wolf men battling with lizard spike beasts.

The forthcoming Guild Wars 2 made a splash with the reveal of some interesting looking underwater areas covered in this previous developer walkthrough, and now two rather stylish trailers would like your attention as well. Are you going to take the plunge? Let's dive in.

First up is a fancy-pants story cinematic with Mr Lip-Sync here, detailing the fortunes of a city that can be safely described as Not The Luckiest:

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Then here's an 8 minute combat trailer showcasing some lovely looking spell effects. The actual swimming has a peek in at 7:10:

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Those ghost people can sure take a good beating for a bunch of wimpy looking wraiths, hey. And blimey, what's that skeletal worm thing that pops out of the ground at 2m20? That had better be a creature summon - I want to summon a nightmare worm to eat my enemies. Oh, and again at 6m40! No, alright, they're definitely killing it and then it explodes. Oh well.

All in all it's looking like the battles are going to be a right royal dust up with the mates - much more dynamic than the staid affair MMO combat usually resembles. Will the water combat have free Y axis movement, I wonder?

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