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EverQuest II Gets Children Of War Update

Are any of you lot still playing EverQuest 2? Some people are, it would seem, since Sony are continuing to churn out both pay-for and free content. The latest free update, The Children of War, adds the fortress of Drunder, seven new missions, new PvP maps and modes, new quests, new crafting recipes and all kinds of other gubbins. This comes after Destiny of Velious, the latest pay-for expansion, added flying mounts and reduced the number of stats belonging to each character to two.

It would also appear that somewhere along the line the developers stopped hiring professional voice actors for their trailers, as you'll see below.

Are those... otters?

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Three new heroic dungeons
Three new x4 raids with all new bosses
One new x2 raid
New daily missions
Explore the once lost Crystal Caverns

PvP & Battlegrounds
Lobby system so players can hang together between
matches with PvP merchants available locally
New Velious battleground map - The Frozen Tundra!
New Battleground game type - Vanquish!
PvP and Battlegrounds rule modifications for better
balance and fun factor
Fame system improvements
New PvP armor and adornments

More Content!
New Solo Primal Velium shard quest
Two new heritage quests
New signature quest line
New tradeskill quests and recipes
New Adornment interface

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