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PayDay: The Heist Is A Game About Robbery

How would you like to play Left 4 Dead, only instead of killing zombies you're killing a building robbing a building? Do you think that's something you'd enjoy?

That's what download-only multiplayer FPS PayDay: The Heist is going to offer. This game's name surfaced about a week back, but now we have a debut trailer and footage of some people playing the game at E3. It's all after the jump.

I set myself up for a fall with this one. When I first saw the screenshots and heard the premise, I thought this'd be offering something like a reverse of the absolutely incredible SWAT 4, with you and your friends playing a terrified, elite band of criminals instead of a terrified, elite squad of cops. This is what happens when you show me screenshots of an FPS where nobody's getting shot, on fire, or standing next to a red barrel.

Watching the footage, it's clear that it'll be much faster-paced and more over the top than that. Check out the footage. Also, check out this quote from this PCG preview:

Once the heist starts, the police will attack in waves. Your goal is to fight them off while making your way through a series of checkpoints – working together to get away with as much cash as possible.

First we started shouting at all the civilians. If one gets killed, the police attack with more ferocity, so telling them to GET THEIR FUCKING HEADS ON THE FLOOR is a good move. Then we had to guard our drill as it cut through the first door. At one point, a police sniper appeared at the top of the building to our right. I took one look, aimed a pistol shot, and took him right in the head.

So, yes. Very much just a themed FPS rather than the immersive, tricky, deeply tactical game of my imagination. Still, it could be good, eh? Take a look.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

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