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Playday: Payday's Official Unofficial L4D1 Map Out Now

We are suddenly talking about Left 4 Dead a lot again. Could this be a sign of more substantial things to come? I doubt it, but it's fun to hope for things - so long as you never stop hoping and are incapable of sorrow. Regardless, Payday: The Heist's much-vaunted reproduction of Left 4 Dead's Mercy Hospital is here to cure whatever ails you - assuming, of course, that you are made physically ill by the idea that Payday might eventually cease releasing DLC. Go download it! Or read details. These are your only options.

If you were trying to download it, you have clicked on the wrong thing. Try again - but click on a different thing this time. If you're here for details, congratulations! Your mouse-fu is strong. Here, a reward:

"The Mercy Hospital Heist is finally here! We have collaborated with Valve to bring our beloved PAYDAY fans a completely new heist, free of charge! Set in the Mercy Hospital - made famous by Left 4 Dead - everyone's favorite robbers are out for blood. We also have some extra candy hidden in there for those who just can't help ending up in the hospital."

If the regular difficulty levels won't do it for you, don't forget that you can play the Mercy Hospital Heist in the new OVERKILL +145 difficulty. We promise you that this one will leave you gasping for air..."

Initially, this DLC was billed as a full-on prequel to Left 4 Dead, but that turned out to be - in the words of Valve's Chet Faliszek - "just some over-excited marketing guys." There's apparently a cameo from the original Left 4 Dead crew and some easter eggs, though. Also, you get free zombie masks. I hope one of them looks like this.

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