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Payday 2: Mo' Money, Less Problems (Hopefully)

I haven't played the original Payday, so I asked the current guests at RPS manor to provide an opinion for me. "It was good, but cruelly tough," claimed Craig Pearson, Scottishly. "It really is Left 4 Dead," he added, Welshly.

Said Adam: ""
Said John: ""
Said Cara: ""

Therefore my opinion of Payday is that it was good, but cruelly tough. It really was Left 4 Dead. And there's to be a sequel later this year, with the now Starbreeze-owned Overkill once again on dev duties.

Apparently it's a bit less shooty-bang-only this time, trying to amp up the heist elements with stealth and "criminal dirtywork," such as fencing the loot you've acquired, and there'll be persistent characters and unlocks, all of which will hopefully help offset those pesky L4D comparisons. The in-game economy aspect is particularly appealing - while it remains a four-player co-op game at heart, if they really can make it an urban criminal experience rather than merely Men With Guns 2 then I'm very much paying attention.

I'll rely on our sort-of stablemates Outside Xbox to tell you more about it, as they've been to see/play/talk about it already. We haven't been invited to :(

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That's due out this Summer, on PC and those other things with worse graphics.

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