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Payday 2's first DLC in almost a year takes you along the Silk Road

Hoping for a payday

A couple of weeks ago we reported that Payday 2 was restarting development. The co-op heist simulator stopped development in 2018, but publisher Starbreeze’s financial issues have forced them to return to the game, which is still hugely popular, and start creating premium DLC. It's that or job losses. Here’s a first, very small look at what they’re betting the bank on, called Payday 2: Silk Road.

The first mission seen here is the Border Crossing Heist, which has the scuzzy vibes of a place that sits in the middle of nowhere for a very specific and completely boring reason. You know, like weigh stations on the Edge of Nowhere, USA. It’s not a glamorous mission, but that might have helped them develop the level and art to get the thing released.

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A wee bit of lore for you all: the South African mission man is Vernon Locke. He was an operator for private military company Murkywater, but is now on his own, and helping out the Payday gang. He’s getting them to attack his ex-employers, which means you’re basically fighting an army. There's also mention of a rescue mission, which was part of Payday 2's secret ending. Please read that, because it involves broken tokens, glowing paintings, a lengthy puzzle that takes 30 mins to solve, and a Mayan temple. And then a live-action video capping it all off. And you thought Payday was all just cops and robbers?

It looks like it’s going to drop on Nov 7, which is Thursday this week.

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