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Ballsy: Proun Will Be Pay What You Want

You may remember Proun, the puzzle racing game we first mentioned in 2009. The one with that blisteringly pretty trailer. The good news is, it's out later this month, on the 24th. The better news is, it's pay what you want. There's an exclusive look at the new trailer below.

"So you can choose yourself how much you want to pay for it. Really like it? Pay me for it! Just want to give it a quick try? Then don't pay and just download for free! Feel guilty afterwards because the game turns out to be more awesome than what you paid for? Buy it again!"

So explains Proun creator, Joost van Dongen, who will be giving a fifth bonus mini track to those who choose to pay. Six years in development during his spare time, van Dongen wants to ensure that everybody will be able to play the game, hence not fixing a price. It's a relatively short game, he explains, but says mods are already appearing from the 10,000 people on the beta. But he also adds, "if you like hardcore twitch action, then getting highscores on the insanely fast highest difficulty will keep you going forever."

And interestingly, a month after release the impossibly brilliantly named Joost van Dongen intends to release the sales figures, and how much was paid. It'll be an interesting model for others who are looking at the pay-what-you-want model.

Here's the latest trailer, and it's even more ridiculously pretty than the last one (and for some reason reminds me of the art of Boring3D):

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