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Public Service Announcement: Play Proun

I don't have any particular Proun news to share with you, but nonetheless felt compelled to post about it again. Sometimes, we RPSers are off playing different games and are too distracted to all flock around delightful surprises en masse, like poorly-shaven moths to an indie flame. And so it was with Proun, with the boy Quinns sent front and centre to happily announce this beautiful abstract racing game's release while the rest of us stayed quiet and fiddled with our watches or something.

Until now!

I just want to strongly reiterate that Proun is an excellent game you should go and play right away. Try the free version to see what I mean, then donate for the full version - both because of the extra level and to salute its creator Joost van Dongen.

It's (very) short and simple and pretty much only does the one thing, but it makes me want to use silly superlatives such as 'life-affirming.' I've felt like I've been in a bit of a games black hole this last couple of weeks, because I've only played the so-so likes of Dungeon Siege 3, Alice 2 and Duke Nukem 4. They've all got something to recommend them (and, to varying degrees, the opposite), but they didn't exactly fill me with THE WONDER OF VIDEOGAMES. Proun does.

From its look to its music to, well, its rolling, Proun makes me happy. It will make you happy too.

Edit - the main site's been knocked offline by traffic. Try this official backup site to get hold of the game.

Edit 2 - JohnArr's Air Bucanners-inspired track is right lovely. Go get it immediately. (Just extract to 'tracks' in your Proun install folder).

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