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Seedy Looking: Blacklight Retribution Trailer

Blacklight Retribution is a strange name for a game. Is it about some creepy serial killer who was caught when his semen showed up in a victim's basement under the investigator's blacklight, and now - having escaped from prison - he plans to destroy every last ultraviolet bulb in the world? No - insanely it is not. It is in fact the sequel to Blacklight: Tango Down, the futuristic shooter that didn't warm our cockles. But interestingly, this one is to be free-to-play - the buzzphrase of today. Perfect World, publishers of half of the free things in the universe, have released a trailer showing off its DX11 features, which I've kindly placed below.

Cover image for YouTube video

While all the boasts are certainly true, I think the other problem is that it's Future City D4, and no matter how detailed, we've been there rather a lot. None of this, of course, is to comment on the game, which I've not even smelt, let alone played. And here's hoping it's top-notch stuff.

I do rather love this quote from the emailed press release:

"With the recent free-to-play related announcements of Team Fortress 2 and World of Warcraft, Blacklight Retribution is a shining example of how top-notch PC games are now following the free-to-play model to offer the best experience to all the gamers."

Cheeky chaps.

We'll find out more come this Winter when the beta appears.

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