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Final Combat: Team Fortress Too

Whether or not there's any weight whatsoever to the theory that Team Fortress 2 might turn free to play, it appears someone else got there first. You might find Final Combat to be just a little bit familiar. Just a little. Or a lot. Yes, an awful lot.

This video? This is quite the video.

Microtransaction-funded free to play shooter Final Combat hails from China, and I have a sneaking suspicion its creators might also have played a round or two of Battlefield Heroes at some point.

Here's the video, which should ring at least a bell or two. But if that's not enough... well, meet me back here in a minute and I'll show you something even more brazen.

Imagine if a team-based multiplayer shooter had some funny introductory videos introducing its various classes. Go on, imagine. I know, it's very hard to imagine it because no-one's ever done it before. Fortunately, Final Combat has ingeniously come up with such a thing:

Well. Well then. Well then. Only the Soldi..... uh, Rocket has been revealed so far, but here's the game's site, if you want to a) check that it's real and b) admire some also rather recognisable silhouettes and c) try and work out what else it might have been inspired by.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in. YOU ARE THE REAL HEROES.

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