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Batman: Arkham City Will Use GFWL

It's been confirmed. Yesterday Warner Bros released the box art for Batman: Arkham City (due this October), which turned out to be an amusingly back-handed way of announcing that the game would use Microsoft's less-than-perfect PC gaming frontend, Games For Windows Live, seeing as the GFWL logo is stuck there right at the top of the box like some kind of barnacle of bad taste. (Edit: Arkham Asylum also used GFWL, of course.)

Never mind. At least the box art is nice. Which means nothing in this day and age of digital downloads. NEVER MIND.

I wrote a poem about this Batman box art for you.

Look at him there,
all boob and cape

Has he been punching jam donuts? Of course not
He is Batman. He does not enjoy desserts or cakes
of any kind.
He has been out punching criminals, of course
Trying to make the world a better place,
for you and I

How dare you think he has been wasting his time,
beating up donuts
You are a shame

Thanks Batman

(Quintin Smith, 2011)

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