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Batman is free in both Lego and Arkham flavours on the Epic Games Store

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Light the candles, roast the goose, Father Epic has come to town. Bearing gifts of cost-free games, he's telling tale of a masked menace from a far-off metropolis. Clad in black and the cowl of a bat - what delightful nonsense! For the younger children, a toy-like series of marvels await in the Lego Batman trilogy. Ah, and for you older rascals, the Arkham series awaits with a devilish tale of detectives, criminals and fast-flying fists. But make up your mind quick, there's only a week to spare.

The Arkham games range from brilliant (Asylum) to Well Good (City) to quite naff (Knight). Arkham Origins is notably missing from the bundle, but I don't recall it being fantastic. Even if you missed them at the time, you've almost certainly gotten the gist of their flow. Thousands of games nicked Arkham's combat flow in the last ten years, trading thugs for orcs or robots or what have you. Bouncing between foes, biffing them in the nogging before dodging and countering highly-telegraphed special attacks. You've been Batman, even if you've never been Batman.

Likewise, if you've ever played a Lego game, you've played the Lego Batman games. They're solid little licensed platformers, puzzlers and beat 'em ups, and it's always quite cute seeing comic-book supervillains scaled down into inch-high bricks. If you're interested in either of these bundles, head on over to the Epic Games Store and grab 'em for the price of a breath of air.

Next week's pairing couldn't be an odder couple, with David O'Reilly's Everything sharing shelf space with soviet shooter Metro: 2033 Redux. Everything, of course, must by virtue of its concept already contain the entirety of Metro within its infinite confines.

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