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Battlefield Heroes' Summer Super Stuff

Picking itself up and dusting itself off from a rude, if mild, hacking, Battlefield Heroes reveals its intentions to make summer a little snazzier for its players with new stuff. NEW STUFF! God, I hate old stuff. It's so rubbish. Heroes' new stuff includes pirate and wizard outfits for you to prance about in as you kill World War Analogy enemies in EA's artfully cartoon environments, but also superhero outfits which grant you special superhero powers. There's even a pair of trailers out to show off the kit in action, and you can check those out below!

Yeah, yeah, I can see you peeking. A few thoughts on this and attending F2P stuff below.

As much as I am against CCP messing with Eve's set up, I am not against cash shop systems if they are appropriate to the game in question. I'm enjoying having a choice, frankly. And Heroes was designed like that from the ground up, so it is appropriate. What's even more important is the fact is that it's significantly less interesting as a game than TF2, which is also now free. Even if it hadn't been free, TF2 still outdoes this in pace and variety, which is ultimately more important to my personal decision as to which game I would want to play, and which game I would recommend people play.

Anyway, what's interesting about this Heroes latest update is that previously EA have described the performance boosting enhancements in the game as being small % bonuses, that you could pretty much get from being highly skilled. These super powers are quite different in scope. They're the equivalent of unlocking new vehicles of whatnot, and could make a big difference to how the game plays.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

That said, the superhero stuff looks fun, and if people out there want to pay for it, then good luck to them.

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